How to earn money with our Plugin as a smm panel owner

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How our affiliate program works

1. you receive an affiliate link and a login link to our dashboard

2. your users will download our premium version

3. your users will place API orders to your panel through our plugin

4. you will earn 2% of each order that a user places, regardless of the panel that they use

5. you can payout your earnings automatically through our panel


Panelhelper is a wordpress plugin that connects users to smm panels via API.

You can earn money through refering your users to our plugin.

Your users will then process their SMM Panel orders through our API.

You will then earn money on all orders on all panels.

No, Panelhelper is only an API connection plugin.

Panelhelper connects users to SMM panels via API.

You can see the number of signed up users in our dashboard along with the revenue that these users earned.

This data is updated once an hour.

Panelhelper Premium is free to sign up.
Users will only be charged per order and not monthly, which is why a credit card is used to sign up.
More information about the exact pricing can be seen above.

No, we are currently the only SMM API plugin, which is verified by WordPress.

The price is high compared to most SMM Panel orders because it is deducted from the woocommerce order and is aimed at websites that sell followers without an SMM Panel.

These websites often charge upwards of $10 for a service that costs $0.10 on an smm panel.

So if these websites use panelhelper, they fee will often be lower that the payment gateway fee, like stripe for example.

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