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  • 15h of work per month
  • cancel monthly
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  • 30h of work per month
  • cancel monthly
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  • pay by the hour
  • cancel anytime
120€/Hour Get Started
Features Basic Pro Individual
Top Designers
Graphic Design
Custom Illustrations
Presentation Design
Motion Design
Web Design
UI/UX Design
Video Editing
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Dedicated Designer
Quality Control
Roll-over hours max +10h max +15h -
Unlimited revisions
Turn around time* 4-10 Days 1-5 Days 4-10 Days

*Turn around times are based on average project duration. If you have a very big project it may take longer than stated.

Appalify FAQ

You can request unlimited designs on any plan. Keep in mind, however, that your new project will only start, once the previous project is completed.

We calculate in hours and not in designs completed because some projects take longer than others. For the standard plan it can range anywhere from one to over 10. If you would like to know, how long which services take click here.

If you ran out of hours and your design isn’t completed yet, you can choose to upgrade your plan, pay the remaining hours according to our individual plan, or wait for next month until your hours refilled.

Our team will keep a look at your hours and will inform you, if starting a new project could overdraw your hours.

Our comprehensive creative package offers a range of services bundled into a single plan, streamlining and enhancing your design requirements. Choose from Graphic Design, Custom Illustrations, Presentation Design, and Motion Graphics to meet all your creative needs efficiently.

While Appalify’s unlimited services offer exceptional capabilities, certain creative endeavors are best handled by specialized professionals or internal teams. To ensure productivity and uphold our commitment to excellence, we do not accommodate the following requests:

1. Highly intricate or fine art illustrations
2. Fillable or interactive PDF documents
3. Complex photo manipulation
4. Digital painting and game assets
5. File formats beyond our supported types
6. Trademarked names, brands, or quotes
7. Content writing or manual typing tasks (e.g., transcribing text from images, crafting ad titles, conducting copy research, etc.)

Inappropriate requests containing sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive content, or anything contrary to Appalify’s core values.